«Звёздный десант: Предатель Марса» — анонс и тизер Ноль кадров в секунду. Выпуск 166: День, когда DC победила Телевизионный спин-офф «Джона Уика» уже в работе Мартин Фриман готовит сериал по «Потерянному раю» Джона Мильтона «Яндекс.Такси» профинансирует кино про себя
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Virtua Fighter

Arcade, Saturn
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  • Once in the era of Shōwa, the defunct Japanese army intended to approach Henry Pu-yi, the last Emperor of the Ching Dynasty in their effort to take advantages. However, they were defeated by the Imperial guards who utilized the martial art called "Hakkyoku-ken." Later on, the Japanese army was said to have plagiarized the mysteries of "Hakkyoku-ken" to create the strongest infantrymen and based on this art, complemented the ultimate martial art.

    Approximately half a century has passed since then, and now, a young man named Akira Yuki journeys around the world to test his martial arts ability. The ultimate World Fighting Tournament is about to start, and all kinds of fighters from around the world, solely relying on one's physical strength, engage in a life-or-death tournament to determine the world No.1 fighter. Behind the Tournament however, there exists an intrigue designed by an evil syndicate.

Дата выхода

  • Япония: Декабрь 1993 года


  • Sega AM2


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